• What is AUDIOKILL?

AUDIOKILL provides Royalty Free Beats, Loops and Soundkits as Digital Audio Products for creative artists, beat makers, producers, musicians, DJs and sound design professionals. When you purchase any Digital Audio Product from AUDIOKILL, you are purchasing a license to use the sounds within your own, original compositions that can be released commercially. Please note that the original creator of sound library always retains the legal ownership but once purchased, you own the license to use the sounds in your work forever.



  • What are the different types of Digital Audio Products that AUDIOKILL offers?

We offer state-of-the-art, high definition, and up-to-date Digital Audio Products such as:

Loops / Loop Packs / SoundKits

A SoundKit is a collection of digital sound recordings known as samples. These can range from single-hit sounds, so called one-shots, loops or even complete song kits with stems. Samples are audio files. The most widely used audio format is WAV but we also offer MP3 format as well.

Construction Kit

Construction kits, or song kits, contain full arrangements in the form of stems, or loops, that users can re-arrange in their DAW creating a song on the fly. All audio files and samples from each song kit would work together in terms of tempo and key.



  • What are loops, one-shots and stems?

You can find three types of audio content in our packs, these are:


Music loop is a short piece of music, usually 5-30 seconds (1-8 bars). Loops can be seamlessly repeated indefinitely creating continuous musical pattern. 


One-shot samples are single sound hits, for example a kick drum hit or a single bass note.

Stems/ Track outs / Musical phrases

These are pieces of music that can be any length, even full song length. These usually do not loop unless they are a part of Construction Kit/Song kit.



  • How do I know the tempo and key the loops are in?

AUDIOKILL files come clearly labelled with tempo (BPM) information and relevant key information (based on the root key or chord).



  • Are AUDIOKILL Digital Audio Products Royalty Free?

Yes, all of our Digital Audio Products are royalty free!

You are free to use the samples, presets etc. in the context of your own, original musical compositions. Your song cannot be a copy of the demo song from the sample pack and if you are using a complete construction kit, you will need to rearrange and add a portion of your own material for the song to be considered original composition. You are free to release and sell your songs containing samples commercially.

You are not allowed to use the sounds in multimedia such as applications, software or any kind of interactive media where sounds would be integral part of the products distributed to general public. This type of use requires a special content license. Releasing, re-selling or re-distributing the samples in isolation (as they are sold) is also not permitted.



  • Which format do I need for my software?

Below, you can find a list with most popular music DAWs and their recommended and compatible formats:

Apple Logic Pro

Recommended: Apple Loops, Logic Template, EXS24 Patches
Compatible: WAV, REX2, AIFF
Apple Garage Band

Recommended: Apple Loops
Compatible: WAV, AIFF
Ableton Live

Recommended: Ableton Live Pack, Ableton Template, WAV, AIFF
Compatible: REX2
Propellerhead Reason

Recommended: REX, Reason Refill
Compatible: WAV, AIFF for NN-XT and Redrum
Pro Tools

Recommended: WAV, AIFF
Compatible: WAV, AIFF
FL Studio

Recommended: WAV, AIFF, FL Studio Template
Compatible: WAV, AIFF

Recommended: WAV, AIFF
Compatible: WAV, AIFF
Stylus RMX

REX only
Magix Music Maker

Recommended: WAV
Compatible: WAV



  • How do I purchase and download files?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal as forms of payment for our Digital Audio Products. After you complete your purchase of any Digital Audio Product we offer, you will immediately receive an email containing a link to your Digital Audio Product that you purchased. Simply click the link and download the ZIP File containing your Digital Audio Product Wav/Mp3 Files and Royalty Free License. If you are unable to download the product or you've used your download attempts and require more, please contact our support team at  SUPPORT@AUDIOKILL.COM

Please DO NOT use any download managers. Only download directly within your browser.



  • Issues downloading files/ Not received download links

Please make sure your Internet connection is fast and stable. If your connection is slower, try re-downloading during off-peak times, one item at a time and please ensure you are not streaming movies while downloading as this will slow your connection down. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers on both Mac or PC to download your files.  If you are still unable to download the product or you've used your download attempts and require more, please contact our support team at  SUPPORT@AUDIOKILL.COM

Please DO NOT use any download managers. Only download directly within your browser.



  • How can I stay updated with all your latest releases, updates and offers?

If you want info on our products, as well as discounts and free loops then please subscribe to our list!